Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jenn's Homegoing

Jennifer finished her battle with cancer last night, September 25th around 9:05 pm. Our family appreciates all your thoughts and prayers. In leu of flowers, please send memorial donations for the annual giving fund, in memory of Jennifer Busby to Bay Shore Christian School. The address is 23050 U.S. Hwy 98. Fairhope, Al. 36532. The phone number for the school is 251-929-0011.

The arrangements for the Memorial Service will be Saturday September 29th at 12:00 pm from Faith Family Fellowship in Spanish Fort, next to West Minster village on Hwy 31. Graveside services will follow with a police escort to Mobile Memorial Gardens. Our family would like to invite everyone back to Faith Family Fellowship for a fellowship reception following the graveside service.

Merideth and Jacob are doing wonderful, and have a peace that passes all understanding.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hey Everyone,
This week has had some fun times, but also some very stressful times. Mom has gone down hill very rapidly since Aunt Connie and Uncle Gary came,(NOT THAT THEY HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT)NO REALLY I MEAN IT! and the nurse feels that the time for Mom to go to her eternal home is very near.
I had a good talk with mom a couple nights ago, and got to tell her what I needed to, so now I have a real peace about her leaving. Jacob understands on his level, and we know he will be OK.
This morning Jacob came in the room yelling,"MOMMA, MOMMA CAN JOHN SPEND THE NIGHT TONIGHT," so my mom kind of groaned then Jacob said , " WAS THAT A YES?" Today when my dad told me that Mrs. Justiss, who is a dear friend of ours, and was the best teacher I've ever had, is going to be our nanny, I was so excited.
She is a wonderful person, and will be a tremendous help in our family, I know that for a fact. I do not say this just because she is fun, but because she has helped me through so many times. When I was in her class I will never forget the way she was like a second mother who adopted me and the rest of the class into her family.
Things are coming together in our family very quickly. I saw mom praying and I heard her ask God to take her home, she is ready , and if she is ready I'm ready ,I don't want her to be in pain and suffer. Please do not think I want her to die , because if I could change it I would in a heartbeat, but I hate seeing her this way and I want her to be in complete PEACE.
I believe she has done a fantastic job at doing all she can in her life. She has run her race and has crossed the finish line successfully. The important thing to remember is that she never gave up, which is the perfect way to live a life. We love you all and thank you so much for all the prayers.


Friday, August 31, 2007

Good Morning Everyone,
I truley mean it has been a good morning. Morninings are probably the hardest for me. I had
a good nights sleep two nights in a row. I have eaten well this week and been able to juice and
get good nutrients. I thank you all so much for understanding and supporting us. I know that last blog seemed like a list of things not to do. Thank you all for looking into our hearts to see that it really was requested with love. I want to say a very special thanks to Heather Love. She is the PE teacher @ BAy Shore and has coordinated meals for our family through the moms at Bay Shore. Heather has the biggest heart and with all she carries on her plate like many of you
she still finds time to minister to us. We have also been blessed to have meals provided indefinately on Wed. and Fridays . So between Bayshore bringing meals on Tues and Thursdays and the other taking care of , we are set. Connie really appreciates it too, since she would be the one cooking all the time.
We have no big plans for Labor Day a real treat would be to feel great and enjoy the family time. We hope you all have a wonderful , safe weekend.
I am out of news for now and alittlw groggy so I will sign off for now. Love Jen

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 29,2007

Hello, We hope everyone is well? Kevin's surgery went wonderful an he starts rehab Sept 5th. Connie (from) Iowa is doing well ans been an amazing help. Dot is doing well.
It 's been such a blessing for us to spend that time together.

I had fluid drained last week ,it has returned. The process is grueling and tiring and to do it
weekly is more than my body can do. We are trusting the Lord with what he will do to supply next.

So many have asked what they can do and We have given much thought to how efficiently we can run the home now that school is in.
One way is,
Thank you for your cards and visits. We are making a request that after the hours of 3:00 pm we have no company,or drop in company. Those are such busy hours and we need those hours for dinner,prep for the next day,home work,and family.

Second: Please don't include sweets in meals cakes,cookies,pies. We do not eat alot of that stuff and only on special occasions, and it goes to waste. I don't eat sugar as a rule and my hubby has done a great job dropping the weight so I want to encourage that. The children do better with out the sweets.
We eat fruit like cantaloupe, bananas, binge cherries, strawberries,grapes, Fuji apples, and
try to keep sweets monitored.
Please don't flog me, I am not saying we do this right all the time but we try.

Third , I don't rile out of bed or awake until about 9-10am so if those who do not need an asap call back please don't call before then.

We thank you all for understanding this situation is changing daily and our needs change.

Many of you have asked if we have needs lets you know. Probably a better way to work this thing may be if God lays a need or something on your heart then give us a call and we will go from there. This will alleviate frustrations on your part of not being asked to help somewhere,
it will help us with the appearance of being martyrs and not needing any help.

Several have expressed a desire to come pray with or for me . I am so blessed to have friends that are ready to lower me and my family through the roof .Countless people have been faithfully petitioning the throne of God from the sanctuary of their hearts. We ask that you continue as we need our home to stay as calm and fluid as possible specifically when evry moment counts.

We love you all . We hope these are as helpful to you as they will be to us. Jen

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hi Everyone!

Kevin has been wonderful to keep everyone posted, and I want to thank you all so much foryour patience waiting on an update. So many of you have prayed with us and sent cards and called. Many have asked if they can help with meals ect. A special thanks to Charlie Staffords sunday school class for a week of meals. My crew doesn't eat alot so three meals were plenty with left overs our fridge was running over. There always seems to be someone bringing a meal at the right time. I must offer my apololgy to all those who have called and I have yet to call back. When I have excess energy I am not up to chatting lately. I am really focusing on Kevin and the kids and being as normal as possible. We are all adopting to the new normal. Thank you also to our Sunday School class Kevin has the honor to lead for understanding our absence the last few weeks . Now that the summer time activities are calming down he is looking very much forward to resuming with everyone in the coming weeks. He will probably be attending the classes by himself for the most part,only because of the energy it takes to due both church and Sunday School. You all have been wonderful.

The Summer has been packed with trips and family visits and birthday parties. JAcob turned 7years old and Merideth turned 11. The children are excited about getting back to school. We love their school Bay Shore Christian. The school has become very centering for the children with friends and faculty support. It is a prayer of ours that Bay Shore will continue through High School.

I have not been able to get out alot due to the heat and nausea. We do make the most of our days with, summer reading, family games,movies,and at night when it's cool we all will go get in the hot tub. My sister Lynn who lives in Bangor, MAine visited with her fiance and her children in June. My brother will be coming in Tuesday July 31 to visit for the week. We will make and attempt to spend that week at the beach if I am up to it. We take everyday one day at a time. Dot my sis and kindred heart has been here this week and will be here off and on taking care of me and the kids and Kevin. Ken and Katrina (my brother and sister-in-law )have been wonderful to helpwith the kids and meals and any where we need a helping hand. Kevin is haveing surgery on his shoulder on August 9. This will be out patient ,but will incapacitate him for a few weeks. We are hoping my Aunt can come during this time for a week or so while Dot has to head back to Cleveland for some Football Shindigs with her hubby. So as you can tell it is taking a village to pull all this off. Isn't it a wonderful peace that Gods worked out these details even if we don't know what they are yet.

I will share with you that we have recently begun a book called Heaven for kids. It is what we have adopted in the evening as a family time to read through this book that extensively answers questions the children have on heaven. Kevin and I are reading the adult version and as and adult and a christian it has brought alot of encouragement and peace to our home on questions about heaven with the scripture to back up.

So whats up with me? The palative chemo therapy is not strong enough to irraticate the cancer. The acytis (fluid) build up is costant. It is slow but evident. I have a wheel chair to assist me when I get out of the house for any length of time. The Coastal Hospice has been involved for about three weeks now and they have been wonderful. Please ,I ask all of you who read this not to see this use of hospice not as a sign of surrender but more of an assistant. To the children we just call it nurse care that makes all our lives alittle easier. The last thing we want is for someone to make a comment to the children about hospice and the negative thoughts that brings. It has been our experience that it is usually not an adult that says something to the children but a child that has over heard an adult conversation and repeated it to them. So if those who have children could guard what is said in front of the children we would greatly appreciate it.

Kevin and I have one foot in the super natural asking the Lord for healing and one foot in the real world tending to the details and preparation of our lives and children, should the Lord in his Soverien plan choose to take me home to heaven. I would be less than honest if I didn't say that this summer has been difficult. Probably one of the hardest parts is not knowing what each day holds. HAving the mind of a young 35 year old and my body just won't cooperate. Most of my Christian life I have been urged to live one day at a time, but I can say Kevin and I both as well as the whole family has walkded there. So there is the low down. I hope that this info can ease just a few of the many questions and concerns.

We are so blessed to have you all our Bay Shore Family,our FFF family, our Cottagehill, and North Mobile family, and all our friends. My Husbands company has been wonderfully supportive as he has needed time to help with me. With all that has been said today I want to end letting you know we give God all the glory for his ever faithful provision and love. WE love you all!!!Kevin and I will be lifting you all up as the Lord brings you to mind and also as you prepare your own families for the comeing school year. God bless!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Jenny's Home

Hello, from the Busby's. Just an update to let everyone know that Jenny is home as of Friday, the 8th. We are so grateful for your continued prayers and the Love we feel is off the scale. The children and I are so happy to have her home, even though she is still very sick, her presence and smile brings sunshine to us all. The children will be in VBS all next week, and CHBC has sent meals for the week this week, therefore those two issues are taken care of for those inquiring on needs, if that helps those of you in co-ordinating helps.
She will have radiation on Monday and Tuesday, and then begin chemotherapy on Thursday the 14th. The focus of radiation has been on the large mass that was blocking the bowels, leaving the other masses to be aggressive, thus the chemo will begin on Thursday.
We just wanted to communicate to our loved ones and fill in the gray, and more importantly tell you we love you all. Thank you for continuing to knock at heavens door in our behalf. Until next blog, hugs and kisses; the Busby's...

In Christ,

Kevin and Jennifer

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Good morning soldiers of prayer!! In all my life, I never thought I would find myself praising the Lord over a bowel movement; much less, bragging about it over the internet. Yes, Jennifer was relieved in the night three times. We agree that God hears the prayers of His people, and I want to thank you for bowing your heart and your knee in this matter. I don't have much time to blog this morning, I have to see several clients today and I need to get underway. Just know that we are rejoicing together and please keep on praying for the miracle and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. She has been told that she may come home after having a bowel movement, but she has until Friday to complete her radiation, therefore she may choose to stay there until then, otherwise we would have to make the journey from Loxley to Mobile each day for treatment. I Love you all very much and we feel your Love as well.

In Christ,

Kevin and Jennifer